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Parish Announcements and Activities

BIRTHDAYS IN JUNE:  Max Millett(June 18); Carol Tasson(June 22); and Barb Carlow(June 24). Happy Birthday to you all!!

WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES: Jim and Barb Woods(49 years on June 13); Max and Theresa Millett(67 years on June 15); Jeff and Barb Carlow(41 years on June 18); and John and Colleen Terpstra( 60 years on June 20th). God's continued blessings on all of you!

Peterborough Jubilee Announcement 

This year, on June 15th, the Sisters of Joseph in Canada are celebrating the Jubilees of Sr. Dianne Towns 50th, Sylvia Crowley 60th, Sr. Rosemary O'Toole 60th, Sr. Anne Karges 60th, and Sr. Jude Stradiotto 70th.  We thank them for their collective 300 years of service!

CEMETERY MASS--our annual cemetery Mass will be celebrated this coming Sunday June 23rd at 10:30am in St. Paul's cemetery. If the weather is "iffy" or rainy, we'll have Mass in the church. 

REMINDER --My cell phone # is on the front of the bulletin each week. Please use it for any reason--you are not "bothering me"!!!! I'm happy to be available to you.

A couple of maintenance items: The Church in Havelock needs a new church sign constructed, and also repair and painting of the exterior window sill and panes. Hopefully we'll get them done this summer! If you know of a good painter, let me know...  

THE CROSS ON TOP OF ST PAUL'S CHURCH as you know, was destroyed by the windstorm 2 years ago...we are trying to figure out just how to build and secure a new one!!

MASS CHANGES THIS WEEK: Please note that there will be no parish Mass on Tuesday--we have Mass at Maple View Manor at 9:40am. And there will be no Mass on Wednesday in Havelock.

84th Annual Pilgrimage to the Shrine of St. Ann in Cormac on Sunday July 28th. The Triduum of preparation will be led by Father Ryan Holly. The principal Pilgrimage Mass will be at 11:00am at the Shrine. A Mass of healing with the anointing of St. Ann’s oil will be celebrated at 2:00pm. (Please bring your own seating) For more information or


Office Hours

Please note that for the months of July & August there will only be a bulletin every two weeks and the office will only be open from 8 am – 12 noon on Tuesdays.

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