Parish Announcements and Activities

POINSETTIAS are always welcomed to decorate the altar and sanctuary for Christmas. If you would like to donate one in honour of a loved one, please bring it to either church on Sunday Dec.18th. The decoration of the Norwood Church will be on Monday Dec 19th following the 9:00am Mass. Decoration of the Havelock Church will remain on the Dec. 18th.  A warm welcome to any helping hands!

Norwood Town Hall Christmas Dinner: Members of the Norwood Pentecostal Church will be preparing a Christmas dinner for anyone wishing a meal on Christmas Day. Donations of the following uncooked food items would be appreciated. 1 – 10lb. bag of potatoes, 2 bags of frozen vegetables, 2-3 pies, 1 turkey, 2 boxes of stove top turkey stuffing mix. These food items will be cooked at the town hall on Christmas morning. Contact Theo Van Will at 705-696-2027.

Norwood Christmas Prayer Service--will be held this year at Norwood United Church on Sunday, December 11th at 7:00pm. Carols, prayers and Scripture readings will be offered.

2023 OFFERTORY ENVELOPE SETS are now available at the doors of the church. A reminder, too, that many families now donate to the church through Pre-Authorized Donations, and also Direct Deposit. If you would rather donate through these means, please call Cathy our secretary, on Tuesdays 8:00am-4:00pm. 

Change of Address, email address, or phone # change?  Please let us know if your information needs updating for our Parish files.

UPDATE ON CHURCH REPAIRS: Last Monday the broken stained-glass window was repaired! Also, the contractors may be able to re-shingle the rectory roof in the next month or so, depending on weather. If not, it will be done in the spring when warmer weather will ensure proper adhesion of the shingles.


Saturday, Dec. 24th (Christmas Eve):  4:00PM Norwood

                                                         7:00PM Havelock

Sunday, Dec. 25th (Christmas Day):  10:30AM Norwood

CONFESSIONS: Sun. Dec. 18th (after 10:30am Mass until11:30am)

       Havelock:    Sun. Dec. 18th (from 1:00PM-2:00PM)

THANK-YOU SINCERELY to Jen and Jolene Payne for the beautiful organ and guitar music at the 4:00PM Mass! It's great to have singing again without me croaking out hymns by myself.

Rehearsal: There will be a rehearsal for the Children’s Nativity Play for the Christmas Eve Mass after Masses on Saturday Dec 10th & 17th or Sun Dec. 11th & 18th. Please contact Lisa Cossar for more information at 705-639-1223


St. Mary’s Parish in Campbellford are offering two outings to this magnificent production at the Princess of Wales Theatre.  There are 32 seats available for Wednesday, December 28th and 24 seats available for Wednesday, January 4th.  Both are Matinees productions 1:30pm.  Tickets are $150 each and provide your ticket, transportation by a coach bus and a $25 tax receipt.  Pickups are in Campbellford, Peterborough and Newcastle.  We will stop at the Mandarin Restaurant on the way home for supper.  The Mandarin has a varied menu and will be your responsibility.

These tickets would make a fantastic Christmas present.  For more information, please call Fr. Bill Moloney at 705-768-0844.  Time is ticking!!!

REMINDER-- my cell phone number is on the front of the bulletin. Please call me if it's pressing or urgent anytime! Otherwise, you can leave a message on the office phone, and I will get back to you.

Please pray for the sick – Adele Armstrong, Deanna Duthie, Ashley Egan, Kevin MacDonald, Todd Martin, Tracey Raycroft, Myrna Riley, Rosa Tavares, Tom Troyan, David Woodland and all those who are sick. May God give them strength, courage & healing. Please notify us of any changes. Name will be removed after 90 days. If you want to put someone back on the list, simply call the office.