Diocese of Peterborough COVID-19 Vaccination Policy


The stated position of the Church is that the available Covid-19 vaccines are ethical and may be taken by the faithful. Pope Francis has encouraged the faithful who are able to be vaccinated as an exercise in charity and care for the common good. 

 All clergy and employees serving in the Diocese of Peterborough as well as vendors providing contracted services are encouraged to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.  If clergy and employees are partially or not vaccinated, they must submit weekly a negative Covid rapid test to carry out their duties. 

 In accordance with advice received from the Assembly of Catholic Bishop of Ontario, volunteers will be treated in a similar manner as clergy and lay employees.

 Volunteers must likewise be fully vaccinated or submit a current negative Covid rapid test to fulfill their ministry. (Rapid tests, however, will not be accepted from Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, who must be fully vaccinated to carry out their ministry.) These provisions are temporary and will continue only for as long as the Vaccination Policy is in effect.

Please check the Diocesan webpage for a COVID-19 update posted today, September 16, 2021.


The following are links to various live streams for Mass, Sermons, Liturgies,

and other helpful sites to help cope with the lack of access to our churches, liturgies, and other church activities.

There are many more of course, but these are some which are easily accessible from here now.

All you need to do is click on the name of the site.

God bless you!

The Diocese of Peterborough Website

On the Diocesan Website, you will find many resources, the Sunday Masses offered by Bishop Daniel Miehm and other links to lead you to read, study and worship.

Salt and Light TV

This Catholic television network provides the Mass, news, teachings, videos and much more.  This Canadian television network provides for the spiritual needs of Catholics in Canada, both with French and English programming.

EWTN - Eternal Word Television Network

This Catholic Television Network, founded by Mother Angelica offers 24 hour Catholic programming, including the Mass three times a day, the recitation of the Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, films, news from Catholic perspective, children's programs and all kinds of interesting films and documentaries.

Message of Peace from Pope Francis

PEACE AS A JOURNEY OF HOPE is short reflection written by Pope Francis last January 2020.

In this trying time, his words encourage us to deepen our sense of relationship with both God Himself, our neighbour, and God's gift to us in His creation.


For those who like the Traditional Latin Mass, the Mass in the Extraordinary Form, or those who would like to discover it, this website offers opportunities to view the Mass at various times and from various parts of the world, as offered by the Priests of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter.

Mass with Father Bing


This website gives you films, documentaries, courses, children's program.  It is full of wonderfully made Catholic content.

After clicking here to access the site, go to Sign Up.  Once in Sign Up, click on I belong to a Parish or an Organization.

Then type in Servants of the Holy Name of Jesus to set up your own account and access all the free content.

Ephesus - Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles

These good cloistered nuns have opened their Abbey Church to all of us.  In addition to learning about the monastic life, through the description of their daily life, their website give access to a live stream which allow us to witness their chant and liturgy.

Thank you Sisters for praying for us and teaching us how to be ever more faithful to prayer!